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Chelsea Hk711a 3'9" X 5'9" Black / Ivory Area Rug

Chelsea Hk711a 3'9" X 5'9" Black / Ivory Area Rug

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Sporting a modern style checkered pattern the Chelsea Black / Ivory Area Rug is an ideal addition to homes with a stark modern styling. It features a simple floral pattern on the border that complements the black and white check pattern. This elegant area rug is handwoven with a hooked technique and is made from 100% Premium wool. It has a cotton backing and is available in a variety of sizes so you can choose one that best suits your room. This Antiquities Brown/Beige Area Rug is available in an array of sizes and requires occasional maintenance. For mild stains blot the stain with a clean cloth; for tougher stains professional cleaning is recommended.

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