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Child Baseball Costume | Kids | Boys | Black/Brown | Xl | Fun Costumes

Child Baseball Costume | Kids | Boys | Black/Brown | Xl | Fun Costumes

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It s Outta Here! Dress them up as one of the original pros in the world s greatest sport when they go out wearing this Vintage Baseball Costume. In the glory days, it was one of the most important parts of American culture. Your child will bring back those good old days one swing at a time. There is nothing purer than the game of baseball. They won t be going out as their favorite professional player, but more so as the Spirit of Baseball. Let them leave the field of dreams for a night and go from house to house reminding all of your neighbors of their love for this sport while, of course, collecting a little bit of candy here and there. The entire getup is a retro cream color with gray pinstripes. The knicker-styled pants are equipped with elastic at the waist and calf-level cuffs. The shirt is lined with buttons down the center and decorated with black trim as well as an appliqued black Bon the chest. Along with the shirt and pants, this costume also comes with two accessories. A belt will help keep your kiddo s pants tight and secure while they re running for home base. Last is the retro-styled baseball cap. It is adjustable at the back end and is decorated with another giant black Bappliqued on the front. Hit a home run with your kiddo this Halloween and grab them this awesome exclusive costume!

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